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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is affordable, comprehensive, accessible primary care, separate from traditional insurance based fee for service practices.

With the traditional insurance model, many people may avoid basic care because of the inability to pay, with high deductible insurance and co-pays for simple primary care.  Routine office visits are short, rushed, impersonal and often with a provider that is not your personal physician. The visits most commonly involve the physician paying more attention to a computer screen than paying attention to you!

Direct Primary Care is different!! We opt out of traditional insurance including Medicare, allowing us to eliminate the administrative burdens of traditional insurance based practices and focus on YOU, the patient!

Our patients pay a low monthly fee to have easy access to their personal physician. Phone calls, texts, emails, telecommunication, office, at home visits are all included in our membership.


Wholesale costs for many common generic medications are available.  This saves you both money and time.

We offer discounted lab and imaging services, often saving enough to pay your membership fee for a year or more.

Because Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance it is highly recommended (though not required) to have catastrophic medical insurance for instances such as hospitalizations, surgeries, specialist appointments, etc.

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