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Healthcare Decidedly Different 

Township Health DPC is the Direct Primary Care practice of Dr. Rob Rosborough, Board Certified Family Physician dedicated to the health and care of our patients. Dr Rob and his staff have over 25 years of working together, taking care of infants to elders.  We left traditional insurance based practices so we can better focus on personal relationships with our patients and provide an exceptional health care experience.      

Healthcare that is Decidedly Different for YOU!

Direct Primary Care is decidedly different from a traditional medical practice.  It is based solely on personalized care, exceptional access to your physician and an office experience that is calm and welcoming.

We do not accept or bill insurance.  Without accepting insurance, we are able to decrease our operating costs and pass on the savings to our patients. We work for you, and not your insurance company.

We offer a decidedly different experience from the usual high-volume clinics. Instead we offer unhurried same day or next day appointments, and easy access for questions and concerns.

What is the benefit of Direct Primary Care?

You will have your doctors personal email address and phone number.  

Because we only accept a limited number of patients, We have time to focus properly on your individual needs.

— No long waits for appointments

— No crowded waiting rooms

— No billing slips

— No co-pays

— Transparent cash prices on Labs, Imaging (xrays, CT, MRI, Ultrasounds), pathology

All at 70-90% less than using your insurance deductibles

—  Generic medications at near wholesale prices

We Are Available For Questions! 
Call or Email  Us
(503) 836-7455
Medical Information

This practice is NOT insurance and does not qualify for ACA tax puposes. The practice only provides a limited scope of primary care services as outlined in the retainer medical agreement.  Patients are financially responsible for all services not specified in the retainer medical agreement.

There are no initiation fees and patients may cancel at any time. If a patient wishes to rejoin the practice a $350 re-signing fee will be added and patient can only join as space allows.

The Department of Consumer and Business Services has issued a certification to this practice. You can contact consumer advocates at the Department of Consumer and Business Services at (888)977-4894, or

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